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Membership of SAPIA is voluntary—so you may find a contractor working in the industry who is competent. However, SAPIA membership signifies that the contractor has demonstrated that they meet the Association’s standards of workmanship and has the requisite expertise and experience to tender on customers’ projects. It also shows that they are willing to participate in the upholding of construction standards for the good of the industry and general public.

Members must comply with strict membership criteria and abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Constitution. They are kept up to date with the latest advances in sporting surfaces, construction and installation techniques and equipment technology.

The Association offers a dispute resolution service, and members agree to abide by the decision of the Board should a dispute arise regarding their work.

Sport is always evolving due to advances in technology; manufacturers are utilising new materials to provide better sports and recreation surfaces and equipment. Our members are dedicated professionals and industry leaders who pioneer new techniques, with inspiration from sports innovation both domestic and from abroad. SAPIA’s newsletters and technical publications, along with exhibitions and conferences, mean SAPIA members are at the forefront of sports and play construction in Australasia.

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For further information or recommendations, please call the SAPIA office on 1800 208 202 (AUSTRALIA) or 0800 208 202 (NEW ZEALAND).